The traffic statistics.

The traffic statistics of the toplist is divided into real and summary statistics.
The real statistics - is a statistics which is created in result of hits on links in toplist. It contains real values of the toplist traffic and it cannot be changed even by the administrator.
The summary statistics - statistics displayed in rating pages, it calculated from real and additional statistics, consisted of HoldRank function correction and accounts editing by the administrator.
The validation time of statistics is appointed in toplist settings. After this time the old statistics automatically will be removed.

Kinds of statistics:
Main Stats - the basic statistics. Contains the information displayed in rating pages. In reset mode it contain the data since time of the last reset. In non reset mode (without reset) it contain the data for the sertain interval of time (ranking time) from present (for example: for last 24 hours). The statistics is divided into 24 time intervals.
Daily - hourly statistics for a day.
Monthly - statistics by days for the chosen month.
Yearly - statistics by months for the chosen year.
Last 7 Days / Last 30 Days - statistics by days for last 7/30 days since the current day.

The traffic properties:
Raw - hits, number of visits (clicks on the toplist entry link).
In - visits, number of counted visits. The numbers may vary in large intervals depending on traffic quality and toplist anti-cheat settings (only surfers clicking on the exit link may be counted; proxy surfers or surfers with disabled cookies may not be counted, as well as repeated visitors etc).
Out - exit hits, number of exit hits from the toplist to the member site.
Uniq - unique hits, number of unique visits for a given time interval set by the administrator.
Clicks - clicks, number of clicks made by the surfers of this member in the toplist rating.
Total Raw - summary hits.
Total In - summary counted hits.
Total Out - summary exit hits.
Total Uniq - summary unique hits.
Total Clicks - total clicks made by surfers of this member.

Prod - productivity (Clicks/Raw*100%). This shows the traffic clickability, the higher the productivity, the more active the surfers of this member are.
Raw/In - Hits/Counted visits. This shows how many hits there are per one counted visit. It characterizes the traffic quality, the less this parameter is, the better the traffic.
Out/Raw - Exits/hits. This characterizes toplist return. Shows how many exits can be received for 1 sent hit. The higher this parameter, the more return you get from the toplist.
Out/In - Exits/Counted visits. This characterizes toplist return in terms of traffic quality, showing how many exits there are per 1 counted visits. The higher this parameter, the more return you get from the toplist.
Uniq/Raw - Uniqs/Hits This characterizes the uniqueness of the traffic. The higher the parameter, the more unique is the traffic.

Main statistics menu:
Other - additional information.
  Active - number of active accounts (toplist members).
  SignUp - number of new toplist members.

Member's main statistics menu:
Current Rank's - current position of the member site in the rating.
  Category - site position in the category.
  Overall - site position in general rating among all categories.
Max Rank's - highest site position in the rating.
  Category - highest site position in the category.
  Overall - highest site position in the general rating among all categories.
Other - additional information.
  Category - site category.
  Status - site status.
  Signup Date - date and time of member registration.
  Local Time - toplist current time.