Toplist cheat statistics.

In cheat statistics hits which cannot be counted as IN for different reasons are displayed. Whether the given hit will be counted as IN or not, depended of anticheat toplist settings.

Our toplist contains a lot of anticheat mechanisms, that makes cheat rather complex and unprofitable. No one anticheat system cannot guarantee absolute cheat protection. Someone can assert, that his system on 100% is protected from cheat, but it will be a lie. Completely protect traffic system from cheat is impossible, but it is possible to complicate cheat methods so, it will be not profitable. Members will not cheat toplist if it will be complex because there are much others toplists easy to cheat.

Using Proxy Server (IN) - visitor uses a non anonymous proxy.
Using Proxy from list (IN) - visitor uses an anonymous proxy from the black list.
Using Proxy - Advanced Filter (IN) - visitor uses a proxy, it is defined by the indirect reasons, not precisely.
A lot of hits from proxy servers tells about probable cheat by hit-bots. The normal quantity of hits from proxies is 10-20%.

Partial DFTopCount (OUT) - visitor hasn't passed test of DFTopCount mechanism. Probably visitor has switched off the Java Script or Java , depending on type of used mechanism.
Wrong DFTopCount (OUT) - error occurred while checking of DFTopCount mechanism. Visitor tries to deceive system.
Second click - Cookies (IN) - repeated visit. Not unique hit, it has been determined with the help of cookies.
Second click - IP (IN) - repeated visit from the same IP.
A lot of non unique hits tells about the bad organization of traffic movement - the traffic is sent from identical resources or the movement is in loopback (the traffic from toplist is sent back on the toplist).
SE Robots Hits (IN) – Search engine robots hits.
Hits from Banned Country (IN) - hits from the countries specified in the black list.
Hidden Link (OUT) - hit on the latent link. Cheat attempt with the help of a hit - bot or hit of a SE bot. For additional information it is recommended to use the cheat log.

Wrong Smart OUT link (OUT) - wrong out link on the toplist. Absence or wrong session in the out link of rating. Attempt of a toplist cheat with using of frames or rating page is taken from search engine cache.

Hits without Referrer (IN) - hits without "source link" (Referrer). The traffic is sent on toplist using popup window.
Wrong referrer (OUT) - wrong referrer on the out link of toplist.
Wrong Refer. on Gateway page (IN) - wrong source link (Referrer) on the gateway page.
Found Refer. on Gateway Page (IN) - there is a return link (Referrer) where it shouldn't be on the gateway page.

No Gateway Session (OUT) - there is no unique session on the out link of the toplist. The given hit has been filtered on the entrance of toplist.
Expired Gateway Session (OUT) - time of hit session has expired. Visitor has clicked on the link in toplist after the big time interval.
Invalid Gateway Session (IN) - wrong or there is no intermediate session on the gateway page.

Invalid Gateway Session (OUT) - wrong session on the out link of the toplist.

Expired Gateway Session (IN) - validation time of hit session has expired. Visitor has not clicked on the link on gateway page of toplist for the specified time interval.
Unknown ID - hits whose member's ID wasn't possible to define.
No Cookies (OUT) - visitor hasn't worked cookies.
Member not found (OUT) - the requested members not found. Maybe traffic has not passed through the entrance link (the traffic goes on page of a rating) or member was deleted.
Member not found (IN) - the wrong entrance link or absence of the member with ID specified in the link, the member could be deleted by the administrator.
IN/OUT in brackets tells about where was filtered the given hit. IN - the hit was filtered on entrance of toplist, OUT - at exit of toplist, hit from toplist rating page. Filtration of hits IN is made at exit of toplist if used "Count IN after OUT" function.

For cheaters revealing it is necessary to pay attention to:
- quantity of calls from proxies. If the proxy hits exceeds 10-20% probably the participant tries to cheat toplist. It is necessary to pay attention also to stability of proxies percentage. If the participant starts to cheat, the quantity of proxy servers sharply increases and sharply falls at the end of cheating.
- productivity of the traffic (Clicks/Raw). In most cases productivity does not exceed 100%. If a member has high productivity with a lot of proxies and not unique traffic - probably he is a cheater.
- indexes of Partial DFTopCount and Wrong DFTopCount. They should not have the large values. If the member strongly differs from others by these parameters, it also must be cheater.
- Value of hits on the Hidden Link. There shouldn't be hits on the hidden link, only robots can make them. One must know, Search engine bots also can hit this link.
- Correctness of the out link (Wrong Smart OUT link). The out link can be wrong if it falsificated to forge or load page of a rating from кеша поисковика. Values of this parameter should be minimal.