Member's account.

Signup Date - date of member registration.
Inactive days - member activity, how many days ago there was last hit from the member.
Category - member site category.
Site URL - member site URL.
Site Title - member site title.
Description - member site description.
Fake URL - site status bar text.
Banner URL - site banner address.
Banner size - banner dimensions (width x height).
Show Banner? - Allow showing banner?
Icon - Assigning an icon to member site.
Reciprocal Link URL - address of traffic origin.
E-Mail Address - member email.
Password - password for accessing member personal cabinet.
Sample Image URL - URL of sample image (redefinable field).
ICQ Number - member ICQ UIN (redefinable field).
Contact Name - member name for messaging (redefinable field).

Locked? - disallow account editing?

Suspended? - block the site in toplist rating?
 Suspend by Admin - site display blocked by administrator. To enable blocking choose yes.
 Suspend by AutoBlocker - site display blocked by anti-cheat module with automatic blocking.
 Suspend by Site Monitor (Site Down/Banned Content/Normal/Off) - site display blocked by site monitoring module.
  Reason for site blocking in brackets:
    Site Down - site unavailable.
    Banned Content - illegal content found on site.
    Normal - site available and does not contain illegal content.
    Off - module of site monitoring disabled.

AntiCheat - actions of the anti-cheat module.
 Auto Suspended for cheat (AutoBlocker)? - automatically block site display till traffic parameters normalize.
 Change In Ratio for cheat? - decrease the visit count ration till traffic parameters are normalized.

Site Monitor - Actions of site monitoring module.
  Suspend member if a site DOWN? - block site display if site is unavailable.
  Suspend member if a site contains the banned content? - block site display if site contains illegal content.
  E-mail member when his site status will be changed? - message the member about the site availability change via mail.
  E-mail member when his account will be suspended? - оnotify the member when account is blocked/unblocked by the site monitoring module.

MailBox - member mailbox settings.
  Duplicate the messages on e-mail? - send copies of messages to member email.
  Accept the message from other members? - allow member get messages from other members.

Editing member stats.
The forms show summary stats with real statistics in brackets. You can change the summary stats (the stats shown in the rating), but it won’t affect the real stats. You can learn more about statistics in the Traffic statistics section.
Raw Ratio - Raw Hit count ratio.
In Ratio - In Hit count ratio.
Out Ratio - Out Hit count ratio.

Actions on member accounts:
  Update Member - save changes.
  Mail Member - send a message to member.
  Add Ban - add member's data to black list.
  Delete Member - delete account.