Black IP-list

Black IP-list - Black list of IP addresses, hits IN from which will not be counted. You can use the black list for definition of anonymous proxies of servers.
Rewrite IP-list - all old IP addresses will be removed, new are added.
Path to IP list file - Path to file with list of IP addresses for addition, rewriting and removal. For example, if the file is in the data directory - specify in the field "data". If the IP list is added only from the form - leave field empty.

In the black list can be added only IP-addresses or IP-addresses with the port number after a colon. Domain names or addresses in the other format are ignored and not added. An example of IP addresses format for addition:

You can update list of IP addresses from command line. It is necessary to call crn.cgi with parameter bipadd for addition, bipwrt for rewriting and bipdel for removal of the IP list from a file. The processable file should be in the directory data with a name biplist.txt.