Database Backup/Restore.

 Backup function allows to save the current toplist state, archiving chosen bases. Restoration allows to return archived data in case of their loss or damage. Backup copying can occur as by inquiry of the manager, and automatically through time intervals appointed in toplist settings.

Viewing of backup copies.
Sel - Choice of a file of a backup copy for removal or loadings.
Contains - The contents of a backup file (decoding abbreviations below).

Creation of a backup copy of the current bases.
Backup File Name - name of a backup file that will be created.
Compress Backup File - to use compression (the external packer gzip).
Toplist Databases.
 MF, Members Files - bases of members - the members information (URL, E-mail, password, etc.), current statistics, displayed in list, and total statistics.
 MS, Members Statistics and Mail - detailed statistics and members messages.
 TD, TopList Databases - main toplist bases - members letters and statistics, black lists, base of sites search.
 TT, TopList Templates - templates of rating list and interfaces of members.

Restoration of bases.
Restoration of all bases from a backup copy or only some chosen is possible.
Also bases restoration of only one chosen member is possible.
Restore Member ID - enter member ID for restoring or enter "all" for restoration of all participants bases available in a backup copy.