System requirements
  • Minimum:
    OS: Linux / FreeBSD / Solaris / WinNT
    Free space: 5-20Mb
  • Recommended:
    mod_rewrite (Apache)
    Cron Access
    RAM disk (300K+)
  • Recommended hosting:
Compatible with scripts:
  • Majority of CJ-scripts
  • DF™ TopList Pro/Lite
  • GB Top-Directory
  • AutoRank Pro/PHP*
  • Etc.
  • Purchase:
    Start — $50
    Normal — $75
    Extra — $100
    Unlimited — $150
  • Lease:
    Extra — $12 ($15*)
    Unlimited — $20 ($25*)
    *first month
  • Trial:
    FREE — 20 day

Prices in detail

DF™ Cheat Analyzer v2.16

The system allows detecting traffic cheats and evaluating the traffic quality from multiple sources (traders). The system is meant for webmasters who trade traffic through certain systems (CJ/TOP), or webmasters who purchase traffic for their sites.

This system is intended for webmasters who have got traffic or, to be more precise, for webmasters getting traffic from other users. If this applies to you, then you are the one this system is intended for!

It doesn't matter how you get that traffic — you may be purchasing it or trading it with different webmasters by means of various scripts (CJ/Top) — what matters is the fact that you are most probably getting cheated!

This system allows fighting most of today's traffic cheats. It gathers and analyzes information by over 30 traffic parameters and uses a number of unique algorithms in the process of revealing possible traffic cheats.

With the help of this system you will be able to bust cheaters with no sweat, which will help you increase the quality of your traffic and, possibly, save quite some money.

Revealing artificially generated traffic.

The system possesses a number of tools able to reveal traffic that was generated with the help of clickbots (clickers). In order to reveal frauds the system uses: scripts (JavaScript), ActiveX (there's a possibility to turn off use of ActiveX), cookie, JSEncode, its own proxy list and GeoIP base. The calculation of hit uniqueness by computer ID is used, this type of uniqueness doesn't depend on IP and cookies. Calculation of uniqueness by computer ID can point at recurring visits by a surfer who has deleted cookie files off his PC and is using an anonymous proxy. There is a monthly uniqueness may be used to judge about the regularity of visits. In case your site does not have a fixed number of regular users, you can notice the generation of fake traffic by botnets and other programs (clickers) using the same list of proxies. Also there is non-anonymous proxy servers scanning — the search of matching real IP surfers using proxy. The system is able to figure out if the page was loaded in frames, analyze picture loading and the running of specific scripts (there's a special formula using different indices and variables every time when entering the site — it's barely possible to get its result only by means of script running emulation). There's also a hidden link (you can get more info about its application means and methods of hiding links in the documentation). The most peculiar feature of the system is that it's able to figure out which type of browser is used by the visitor and provide a specific code for this particular browser. After that the system checks if this code was run or not in order to understand if the browser was faked or not — one clicker cannot emulate several browsers of different versions.
At the moment we are working to improve the rate of revelation of traffic generated by means of botnets.


The system offers detailed statistics including more than 30 characteristics of the traffic (hits, unique hits, clicks, proxies, cookies, scripts, frames, etc) for different time intervals (by day, during the past 24 hours). The system counts ALL traffic (page loads) no matter if the surfer uses or doesn't use scripts in his browser or if he/she is viewing pics or not (99% of all traffic counters including, ExtremeTracking.Com, depend on this parameter). The system may perform the function of a traffic counter at the site.


The system gets installed to the user's site. The system is written in C++ and having minor hosting requirements, not used: MySQL, cron, Perl, Php etc. System counter code is placed at the site's pages with the help of SSI (PHP/Perl). System counter is compatible with most CJ scripts and some of the TOP scripts (DF TopList Pro/Lite, GB Top-Directory). *Those who want to install the system over AutoRank Pro/PHP toplists will have to modernize their toplists slightly.

Full system installation manual is available in the documentation section.

Concept of work:

A counter of DF™ Cheat Analyzer is installed on the site which receives the traffic. Employing special algorithms, the system collects information about the traffic being sent (over 30 parameters), and distributes traffic according to its sources (sites or trades). Then, the system analyzes the data obtained and gives its evaluation of traffic from every source, taking into account he importance of every traffic parameter, and total traffic amount. It results in three values: cheat value, difference value, and quality value (the administrator can set custom factors to influence the calculation of traffic parameters). Comparing these parameters, one can easily see the differences and determine the overall value of traffic being sent from this or that source. Also, detailed statistics per every traffic source is available, with values highlighted according to the difference between actual traffic parameters and values set up by the administrator.

System information:

  • The system accumulates and analyzes over 30 traffic parameters (Raw, Uniq, Load, NAProxy, AProxy, Cookie, JS, ActiveXNew (there's a possibility to turn off use of ActiveX), Frame, GeoIP...).Frames are detected, a proxy list is used along with lists of unwanted countries and languages. Identification of surfers by computer ID is applied New!. Scanning not anonymous proxy servers is made (search of duplicates real IP). Also, some advanced mechanisms are available meant to work with different browsers, which allow detecting artificially generated traffic with a high degree of reliability.
  • Clicks analysis: calculation of the total number of clicks, exposure of quick clicks, calculation of traffic productivity.New!
  • Statistics by day (today, a specified number of days). All statistics is displayed in realtime mode.
  • The feature allowing analysis of traffic at several sites located at one and the same server.New!
  • The feature allowing grouping of traders and showing statistics by group. One group can include traders from one site (in case there are several sites connected to one system) or different sites belonging to one and the same user (in case the user has one account in a third-party system and several sites from which he's sending traffic).New!
  • Allowing you to create users in order to view statistics.
  • The system counts all the page loads for the page where the counter is placed (SSI, PHP, Perl), unlike other systems which depend on page code and counter image (, ExtremeTracking.Com,,,
  • The system's counter can be placed to the pages of CJ/TOP to analyze trade traffic. This allows analyzing the traffic of every trade and spot artificial traffic. A manual is available covering setting up the system to work with toplists powered by DF TopList Pro/Lite.
  • System time does not depend on server time and can be modified by the administrator. System time does not change when moving servers.
  • The entire system is written in C++ and shows great performance results, having relatively minor hosting requirements. No MySQL, cron, Perl, Php etc are used.
  • The system offers higher productivity:
    • buffer is used in data reading;New!
    • statistics are loaded faster due to JavaScript implementation, JavaScript is used to create a table containing statistics;New!
    • the use of multithreaded calculation in the process of calculating statistics.New!
  • The feature allowing the use of internal or server scheduler (cron) for rotation of statistics.New!

Models of DF™ Cheat Analyzer:

The system has several models different in their prices and functionality. The difference between models lies in the maximum amount of traffic processed by the system daily. If there is more traffic than specified, some trades won't be shown in the stats.

DF™ Cheat Analyzer
Functions Model
Trial Start Normal Extra Unlimited
Maximum analyzed traffic (hits/day) 25 000 10 000 25 000 50 000 unlimited
Detailed log of suspicious hits (cheat-log) - - + + +
Analysis of traffic at several sites2 - - - - +
Purchase: - $50 $75 $100 $150
Lease: - - - $12 ($151) $20 ($251)
  1. The price of the first month of rent.
  2. Аnalysis of traffic at several sites located at one and the same server. Now you can buy one copy of the system and use it to analyze traffic on all sites located at your server.

Trial version:

Trial version has all the functionality of the commercial version DF™ Cheat Analyzer, but it will expire 20 days after the installation.

Documentation: Manual on installation / Forum

Download: Linux / FreeBSD (FreeBSD4) (FreeBSD Static)

                                    (downloaded 1323 times since 21.11.2007)

Terms of use Trial version:
  • Trial version is distributed on a principle "AS IS". Any warranties not and it is not meant. You use the program at own risk. The author does not bear the responsibility for possible data losses, damages, losses of the profit and other losses, occured because of using the program.
  • Free technical support for Trial version DOES NOT RENDERED (forum only).
  • When the trial period is expired, you are required to remove or purchase the software.

Using our software means agreement with listed requirements.

Operational technical support: software installation or consultation.


The cheat value — shows the percentage of bad traffic for a trade. This is influenced by trader attempts to cheat the system sending artificially generated traffic.

The difference value — shows how different is the trade traffic from the system traffic. This is calculated using average system traffic parameters.

The quality value — shows the quality, or 'overall value' of the system traffic. This is calculated basing on traffic parameters deemed to be near-ideal.

New — new in 2.1x version

New — new in 2.0x version

New — new in 1.4x version

New — new in 1.3x version

More detailed information about introduction of new functions can be found in changes log.