TopList Settings

Main Settings

Rank sites by - a choice of value on which ranging sites is made.
IN Count Policy - count IN hits after clicking on site in toplist.
Ranking Mode - in reset mode - the toplist statistics is nulled through the set time intervals. In No reset mode - the toplist statistics is keeping for last time period, specified in "Ranking Time".
Rerank Time - an interval of time after which starts updating the information on rating pages.
Reset Time - an interval of time between toplist zeroings in the reset mode.
Ranking Time - an interval of time for which the statistics is displayed in the no reset mode.
Next Reset Time - date and time of the following zeroing of toplist statistics.
Holding Time - time during which toplist will not be updated after zeroing of statistics.
Use Cron - use cron to update the toplist (for experienced users).
Time Zone - the time zone offset to use for date/time displays on the list.
Apply daylight savings time conversion - transfers to summertime and back.
Time and Date Format - a format of date and time displayed in toplist (like in PHP).
Decimal Places - number of digits after a point in displayed fractional numbers.
Generate Category pages - create ranking pages of categories.
Forward surfers to the category page of the site they came from - send surfers on page with his category. If the tick is removed, surfers is sent on the main page of a rating with all categories.
Enable the Traffic Statistics by categories for the administrator? - allow to keep the statistics by categories. Use "301 Moved Permanently" status while surfers redirection (for search engine)? - Use 301 method (resource moved permanently) to redirect surfers? Used for better search engine visibility.
Enable the Referrer Statistics - keep statistics on referring pages.
Use full referrer - keep in statistics the full link of page, including parameters after query (QUERY STRING).
Country Statistics - keep statistics of the visited countries.
Use mod_geoip Apache module - use Apache module for determining visitor's country. Function increased speed of country determining and not requires installing of GeoIP base in toplist. Apply only if You are sure mod_geoip installed on your server.
Review new accounts before listing - add new members only after approval of the administrator.
Review accounts when it is edited - change the data of members only after approval of the administrator.
Send confirmation e-mail to person signing up - send the letter with the notice to the registered members.
E-mail administrator when new account is added - send the letter to the administrator at registration of new members.
E-mail administrator when an account is edited - send the letter to the administrator at change of the the member's data.
Forward surfers to the ranking page with his ID in page URL - add the member's ID to the address of rating page after query.
Verify URLs during account submission - check on existence of the site address of the registered member. Registration with the nonexistent site address will be rejected.
Check for duplicate accounts during signup - check on presence of identical participants at registration. Repeated registration will be rejected.
Require a reciprocal link URL for submission - demand filling the field "Reciprocal link URL" (the address, whence the participant will send the traffic on toplist) at registration.
Use a CAPTCHA for protection against a spam? - use a CAPTCHA module for protection against a spam.
Use three output URLs - some addresses are used for traffic distribution between them on the basis of uniqueness. The traffic can be distributed one after another between addresses (the first hit on the first address, the second hit on second address, etc.) or in a random way, depending on a choice of the user. For uniqueness definition are used only cookie.

Monitoring Sites - members’ web sites availability monitoring and absence of specified content on the site. When the site is inaccessible or contains illegal content, the site will be temporarily blocked until being fixed. You can choose whether to disable sites of any member when they are inaccessible or contain illegal content.
Use module DF Site Monitor? (Installed) - use web site monitoring module? If the module is not installed, this option is inactive.
Check sites last active members - check members’ sites active not later than the time specified (time set in seconds). It is recommended to set a time interval equal to the time between toplist resets in rest mode or time of stats rotation in no-reset mode (Reset Time or Ranking Time).
Interval between site checks - time interval between checks of member sites. This parameter sets how often a member site is checked – the site will be checked no oftener than the time specified. The real time between member site checks (shown in the main menu) depends on the system settings and the DF Site Monitor load. Time is set in minutes.
Enable monitoring the contents of pages? - watch member site content?
Management of Monitored Content - setting illegal content to check the member sites for its existence.
Truncate page parameters (QUERY_STRING) when checking site uptime? - check site address for uptime without page parameters.
Truncate page parameters (QUERY_STRING) when checking site content? - check site address for illegal content without page parameters. These options are used for exclusion of counting bot's hits as real surfers' by third party systems. Options are supported by DF Site Monitor 1.5+ system.
Enable checklog - keep the "check log". The log contains information on member site status changes.
Allow mailing a member when his site status will be changed? - allow members to use mail notification when whose site availability changes.
Allow mailing a member when his account will be suspended or unsuspended? - allow members to use mail notification when whose account suspended/unsuspended by site monitoring module.
By default suspend member if his site is not available? - block member account if the site is inaccessible. Setting the option for new members.
By default suspend member if his site contains banned content? - block member account if the site contains illegal content. Setting the option for new members.
By default mail member when his site status will be changed? - use notification when site availability changes to the mailbox by default. Default setting for new members.
By default mail member when his account will be suspended or unsuspended? - use notification when account blocked/unblocked by the site monitoring module. Default setting for new members

Path Setup

HTML Directory - disk path where rating pages will be created. At the first installation toplist itself tries to determine this path. At moving toplist on the other server it is necessary to check up correctness of this path.
HTML URL - web address of a rating pages directory (HTML Directory).
Forward URL - web address where it is sent surfer after hit on in.cgi. Usually it is the first page of a rating.
CGI URL - web cgi-bin address of a directory where executable .cgi modules of the toplist stored.
In URL - web address of the entrance link on toplist. Usually address of the in.cgi file.
Out URL - web address of the leaving link from toplist. Usually address of the out.cgi file.

Filters and Cheat Protection

Here you can setup traffic filters and toplist cheat protection. The filtration of the traffic is used for filter IN hits determined as: the ununique, hits from proxy servers, hits with IP addresses from black list, and also hits from banned countries.
Cheat Statistics - statistics on cheat attempts of toplist and used filters. The statistics shows how many hits IN was not counted and for what reasons.
Proxy Servers - filtration of hits of the visitors with proxy servers.
Unique Hits - settings of time and method of determination of unique hits. The uniqueness is determined on general base of toplist and on base of each member. One hit can be ununique for all toplist and unique for the visited member, if the previous hit of the same visitor was made from other member.
Count unique Hits IN, Check by IP - count hits IN only from unique IP addresses.
Count unique Hits IN, Check by Cookies - count hits IN only with unique Cookies. Faster, but less reliable, than IP a method of determination of unique hits.
Unique Hits Time - the slice of time, through which repeated hit will be count as unique.
Unique Hits Time for All Members - time of uniqueness of hits for all toplist (disregarding ID of the member). The repeated hit from any ID will not be counted during this time (time in seconds).
Unique Hits Time for Each Member - time of uniqueness of hits for each member. The repeated hit of the visitor from the same ID will not be counted during this time. If set -1, uniqueness for each member will not checked.
1. Unique Hits Time for All Members = 600 (10 minutes)
2. Unique Hits Time for Each Member = 86400 (24 hours)
With this setttings all repeated hits from any ID within 10 minutes (1) will counted as ununique. If repeated hit occured after 10 minutes (1) within 24 hours (2), system will search this visitor in base of visited member. If this visitor not found in member's base, hit will counted as unique. If repeated hit occured after 24 hours (1 and 2), hit will be always unique.
Referrer Hits - Count only hits with Referrer URL (the backward link) variable. It is applied to filter out hits from PopUp windows.
Banned Countries - the countries from which IN will not be count.
AntiCheat Mechanisms - mechanisms of hits analysis for cheat protection
OUT Session Time - time for keeping out session (in seconds). Time during which the visitor must click on the out link in the rating list for counting of IN hit. Works in "Count IN after OUT hit" mode.
Use Smart OUT link - Smart OUT link contains the unique identifier of session for an elemination of a fake of the link. If the identifier does not coincide with saved on the server, the hit (IN) will not be counted. Works in "Count IN after OUT hit" mode.
Enable Hidden Link - Hidden Link is located in rating page, it is not accessible for visitors. If the given link will be loaded then cheat attempt will be logged to the member of a rating. Works in "Count IN after OUT hit" mode. The configuration information of Hidden Link is available in "Editing List Pages (Mode 1)" macro [#HIDE_URL#].
DFCount protection - mechanisms of hits analysis for cheat protection with using of JavaScript or JavaApplet. Works in "Count IN after OUT hit" mode.
Enable the gateway (double CGI) page - to show the confirmation page before entrance on ranking pages, on which the visitor must click on the link (or button) for transition to the rating page.
Session Time - validation time of session on page of confirmation. Time, during which the visitor must click on the link, for counting of hit IN.
Don't show the gateway page if it is possible - if the hit not unique and will not be counted, the confirmation page will not be shown.
Check the present of referrer on gateway page - if referrer is absent, or not correct - the hit IN will not be counted.
Check the absence of referrer on gateway page - to check up on absence of referring address of page while transition to page of a rating. If it is present - hit IN is not counted. Is used, if the transition is occurred with using of JavaScript, for example, popup window.

Cheaters' Auto Blocker - the mechanism of automatic block and ratios decreasing.
Minimum Hits - the minimum quantity of unique hits with which it is possible ratios decreasing and/or automatic block.
Maximum % of cheat attempts for enabling mechanisms. - the maximal percent of cheat attempts from number of unique hits at which ratios decreasing does not occur.
Change member's In hits ratio reinforcing factor - to strengthen change of ratios at exceeding of normal conditions. 0 - to not change ratio. 100 - to lower ratio in 2 times if normal conditions are exceeded in 2 times.
Block Mode multiplier - a multiplier of the maximal percents of cheat attempts (in percentage). For example at value of 100 - block percents are equal to percents of ratio decreasing, at excess of these percents the member will be blocked at once. At value of 200 - block percents are equal to the double percents of ratio decreasing.

AutoBackup Options

Here you can set up automatic reserve copying of bases of toplist.
BackUp Data - copied datas. The detailed description look in section Database Backup/Restore.
Members Files - files (bases) of toplist members.
Members Statistics and Mails - statistics of members and letters in MailBox.
TopList Databases - main toplist bases.
TopList Templates - templates of toplist design.
Apply compression of data backup file - to compress saved data (required external packer gzip).
File Name - file name of backup (without extension).
AutoBackup Time - the period of time through which occures reserve copying (in seconds).
Rotation number - number of the last backup copies saved on the disk. The numbering of files will be organized in so order, that the file with least number in the end of filename - newest, and on the contrary: with greatest - old.

Ranking and Appearance Options

Here you can set up appearance of rating pages.
Minimum In - minimum number of hits IN needed to the members for appearing in a rating list. Sites with smaller number of hits IN will not be shown in a rating list.
Minimum Sites - minimum number of sites in a rating list, which will be shown not depended on number of counted hits.
Rerank Mode - set-up mode of rating pages design.
Mode 1 - main, extended mode.
Mode 2 - design set-up mode, like ARP (AutoRank Pro).
Overall Settings - main setings of rating pages.
Main Ranking Page - file name of main ranking page.
Sites To List - maximum sites amount shown in a rating.
Hide Referrer Site - Hide account on ranking page of member, which has sent a visitor. This option can prevent visitor's returning to source site.
Banners To Show - amount of first sites, which will be shown with banners.
Settings Rerank Mode 1 - settings of rating page appearance in a mode #1.
Number of pages - number of pages in overall rating.
Settings Rerank Mode 2 - settings of rating page appearance in a mode #2.
Split List At - spliting the list of overall rating pages after the places, specified through a comma.
Example: 50, 100
Overall rating will be consist of 3 pages:
1st page with ranks from 1 to 50
2nd page with ranks from 51 to 100
3rd page with ranks from 101 to the number of sites in overall rating (value in "Sites To List")
Break List At - split rating table for inserting HTML-code (banner, ads etc.). Can be used also for spliting list on any tables. Specify ranks through a comma, after which will be inserted HTML-code. For editing inserted HTML-code push the button "Edit Breaks"
Font Sizes - set-up of font size for specified range of ranks. Specify range of ranks and font size for it.
Example: 1-10=>4, 11-25=>3, 26-100=>2
Sites from 1 to 10 will have 4 font size.
Sites from 11 to 25 will have 3 font size.
Sites from 26 to 100 will have 2 font size.
Font size changing realizes due to inserted macro in templates [#FSIZE#], which replaces on the needed font size number depending on a rank. Example of inserting: <font size="[#FSIZE#]">[#TITLE#]</font>.
Row Colors - set-up of colours of background rows of table if used alternation: even site - one color, odd - another color.
First Row Color - background colour of odd sites ranks.
Second Row Color - background colour of even sites ranks.
For usig need to inser in HTML-code of rating pages templates macro [#ROWC#], which will be replaces on needed colour depending on a rank (even or odd).

Common Settings
Title Length - maximum number of characters in site title. Webmaster can't input more than this number of characters in title while registration or editing account.
Description Length - maximum number of characters in site description.
Maximum Banner Width and Height - maximum banner width and height in pixels.
Check original size of submitted image? - check banner picture size when registering or editing the account settings. If the image size is not equal to the one specified, the banner will be declined.
Banner Properties - additional properties of banner tag. It can be width of image border: "border=0", text of tooltip (appears when mouse cursor is over image): "alt="Tooltip text"" etc.
Default Banner - banner by default, which shown instead webmaster's banner, if webmaster doesn't enter his banner while registration. If this field is empty, than webmasters without banner will not have any image in list.
Default Banner Width and Height - default banner width and height in pixels.
New Icon - this icon shows while period of specified time after site registration in toplist.
Time to display icon - time, while new icon will be shown after site registration (in seconds).
HTML - HTML-code of icon.
Changed Icon - icon, showing changes of site position in the rating list after last updating (rerank): mooved up, down, without changes. Can be specified icons for each condition.
Up Icon HTML - HTML-code of icon "moved up".
Unchanged Image HTML - HTML-code of icon "without changes".
Down Image HTML - HTML-code of icon "moved down".
User Defined Fields - additional fields offered to webmasters for filling.
Field One (Two, Three) Name - title of first (second, third) field.
Require field one (two, three) for account submission - require for mandatory filling of fields (1, 2, 3).
Fake URL - text, shown in task bar of browser while placing mouse cursor on the member link.
Replace ' character with \' in Fake URL - needed for correct work of JavaScript. If you use this field for other purpose and it not used in JavaScript, you should uncheck this tick.
Members Details - output of additional information about members.
Enable members details page - allow output the page with additional information about member of toplist, accessible on members.cgi?fnct=details&id=ID.
Enable requests of current member's rank - allow output of current member's overall and category rank. This information will be available on members.cgi?fnct=getrank&id=ID. Result - 2 numbers: overall_rank:category_rank
Enable Search - allow search on members fields.
Enable Search in ... - allow search on specified field of members.