"Holding" site in the list

 This function allows to hold an account in the toplist on the certain position or to keep it no lower or no higher of the appointed position.
Rank - a position in the list.
ID - the identifier of the account.
Policy - holding policy of the account in the toplist.
 - Hold - fixation of the participant on the appointed place.
 - No Lower - keeping of the account in the list no lower of the appointed place.
 - No Higher - keeping of the account in the list no higher of the appointed place.
Category - a category of a rating in which holding the participant is made.
The account holds only in its category of the rating . "Holding" in the overall rating is possible only when toplist contains only one category "General".

Principle of work.

 The account holds in rating on the necessary position is artificial, despite of his real quantity of hits IN. If necessary to the participant changes quantity of hits IN for reaching the appointed position in the list. Changing hits IN occurs into Cheat statistics, thus the real number of hits is not lost and is accessible to viewing to the administrator.