GeoIP database import

The system uses its own optimized format for keeping GeoIP information in a binary file. Conversion of GeoIP bases of third parties (,, is necessary for using the built-in database.

Records in database: 58896. Last update database 20.06.2004 0:28 MSK – number of database records in the database and the time of the latest update.

Choosing a format of the imported database:
Format CVS by - CVS GeoIP database format of
Format DBs by IP2Location™ ( - GeoIP database format of IP2Location™
Format CVS by - GeoIP database format of

Path to base: - path to the GeoIP database file.

What you should do:
1. Upload the GeoIP database file (for example, GeoIPCountryWhois.csv) to the same place as the system CGI files. The database can be downloaded from the database supplier web site, such as: (CSV Format).
2. Run the database import interface (the "Import GeoIP" button). The system will try to find the necessary file and choose the format automatically.
3. Choose the database format, specify the file path and press the "Update" button.