Affiliate program

We invite Webmasters to take part in our affiliate program, which will make it possible for you to make money advertising our projects.

  • We pat out the percent share from all payments of our clients:
    • 20% from all payments for purchasing or renting our software,
    • 10% from sell a design or different services.
  • We invite Webmasters — owners of the sites including those hosted on the free servers. Required specialization of the sites: traffic resources, forums, sites of the companies — software developers.
  • We do not allow post spam and location of the banners and text links on the illegal porn-sites.
  • We make payments mostly through Webmoney or PAXUM, the other variants are also possible. The minimum to pay out is $50. The payments are effected upon the request of the Webmaster.
  • Each registered Webmaster can view the referrer statistics, made and paid orders.

Affiliate program functioning principles.

When a new participant is registered we ask where from they have learned about us. The system offers variants to choose from, but the client has the right to change it and choose among the participants of our program the person they consider the appropriate.

The affiliate system identifies the participant not only by cookies which are stored for 6 month, but also by IP which makes the identification rather reliable. In other words if a potential client is now watching and considers the price and will make purchase only in a week or in a month, the purchase will be counted for the participant of the affiliate program. The money will enter into their account only after the customer has paid for the order. Each time the money enters the account of the participant he is mailed a letter notifying of the account balance.

If you wish to be our partner and start making money with us, you should register with our affiliate program. We would appreciate if you fill in the fields for contact information correctly.

After registration a letter will be sent to the address you submitted by registration, confirming you have successfully registered. You will need your login and password for viewing your statistics and for receiving money. Besides, after the registration you will be provided with your personal link to our site and sample descriptions of our goods and services, which you can place on your site.

You can make changes to the given descriptions advertising our site; still they must not contain false information. Otherwise we will have to stop our affiliate relations.

If you have any questions please mail to us. We will be glad to give you an answer.