Scripts and various complexity level applications in C++, Perl, MySQL, PHP development.

We have collected rich experience in Web-application development, from simple scripts to complex programs of high productivity during the years of work.

We now specialize in fast C++ and Perl CGI-applications development.

Server setup and serving

  • Setup and installation of Apache, Php, MySQL, suexec etc. (from $30, full server setup $120);
  • Installation of various Perl, Php, MySQL scripts (from $15);
  • Quick server-to-server file copying (from $20).

By force of our work we often have to setup servers and install different scripts for our clients. Thus we decided to make it official and include in our services list.

Web-design. Our designers are ready to build designs of different complexity applying JavaScript, Flash, CSS, SSI. We also publish the finished works of our designers in the Web-design section.

If you have any questions and propositions you are welcome to contact us.