Installation and upgrade GeoIP-database of DF™ Web-Traffic Shop

For installing and upgrading GeoIP-database you should do the following:

1. Download GeoIP-database from the database supplier web site (for example free database:, Three types of databases can be imported into the internal database:,,

2. Extract and upload GeoIP-database file (GeoIPCountryWhois.csv) to ftp in the same folder with cgi-files of system. You can upload archived file if you can extract files on your server.

3. Import supplier database into internal database. Push the "Import GeoIP" button in the administration aeria. If you have done all correct, system must detect the type of database (Format CVS by and find file of database (Path to base: ./GeoIPCountryWhois.csv). If all is correct, push the Update button. Now you can use country statistics.

It is recommended to renew the GeoIP-database routinely for correct determination of countries.