1. How often a system GeoIP database should be updated?

Frequency with which the GeoIP database is updated determines the trueness of traffic country detection. It is quite enough to update the database 1-2 times a month.

2. The system entry link is not working. Why?

Most likely the address where the traffic is sent does not exist. You should check whether the link is correct and working, as well as the link where the non-purchased traffic goes and other links where traffic can goes (Return URL). In the system versions with reselling traffic you should also check the links of traffic buyers. Some of them could be unavailable.

3. Where can I find what the country acronym means?

Country names and corresponding acronyms are defined in the ISO 3166 standard.

4. How can I adjust the system so that the unique traffic goes to one link, while the non-unique traffic goes to another link?

It is necessary to create two filters for unique traffic (Uniq Only selected) and non-unique traffic (Uniq Only not selected). They should be placed in such a way so that the unique traffic filter is above the non-unique traffic filter. In this case the unique traffic will be captured by the first filter, and the rest of the traffic, which is non-unique, will go according to the second filter.

5. Does the system require a dedicated server?

No, you don't have to install the system on a dedicated server. It works practically on all servers and does not require any specific options.

6. Can I change the buyer and seller interface design?

Any system interface can be changed easily. All the system interfaces have their HTML templates which are stored in the "wtstpl" folder.

7. Why cheat traffic quantity is so small?

Cheat traffic statistics is counted only according to unique hits, as we think it is more objective. For instance, if you count proxy visits as cheat traffic, so two visits from the same proxy will be counted as one cheat hit. So, the amount of cheat traffic may be less than proxy traffic.

8. How much server traffic does the system consume?

Web-Traffic Shop is not one of the systems which use lots of traffic. Total traffic amounts are noticeably less than those of a CJ or a top with the same number of visits. On the average, 100,000 visits generate 30-120 Mbytes of server traffic, depending on the traffic filtration modes. With Redirect Mode filtration turned on the amounts of consumed traffic are minimal.