The "noref" seller

This is a fake seller which is assigned to all the traffic which was sent from an unidentified seller, or a deleted seller.

This seller is also assigned to traffic from empty return links (links where the non-purchased traffic should go back to the seller) of other sellers. If a seller does not specify a return link for the traffic, the returned traffic will be shown as coming from a seller called "noref". This was implemented to avoid traffic losses.

The system has to purchase all the traffic from the "noref" seller, otherwise traffic losses are likely, because the traffic which was not purchased from "noref" cannot be returned. In order to enable the system to buy all traffic types from "noref", there is a traffic type (filter) which is suitable for any traffic (def). This type is obligatory and should be defined by all means, that is why it cannot be deleted. You can define custom traffic types (filters), if you need to sort out certain traffic types.

The "noref" account cannot be deleted, because it is a system account. This account, just like all others, receives money to value the traffic which goes through this account. There is also a field where custom commentaries can be written.