Changes list of DF™ Web-Traffic Shop

08/01/2020 WTS v3.6 PS
  • Return to the seller of traffic not purchased by buyers.
  • Режим распределения трафика между покупателями с учетом их цен.
  • Bugfixes.

06/07/2020 WTS v3.5 PS
  • There is no longer a version that takes part of the traffic as a fee for use. Instead, a completely free version is introduced with some restrictions!
  • Added a limit on the maximum number of users in the free version and in several commercial versions.
  • GeoIP support from Cloudflare.
  • Supports IPv6 when determining IP uniqueness.
  • Bugfixes.

12/30/2018 WTS v3.4 PS
  • Cloudflare support, detection IP users by HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP.
  • Support for https addresses.
  • Bugfixes.

07/07/2014 WTS v3.3 PS
  • Private functions.
  • Bugfixes.

02/12/2014 WTS v3.2 Betta PS
  • Traffic redirect type can be customized (301/302).
  • Bugfixes.

12/18/2012 WTS v3.1 Betta PS
  • Can buy traffic without using unique seller links (sellers detected using their sites/referrers).
  • Now sellers can add and confirm their sites in their accounts.
  • Buyer links are updated automatically via downloads from a specified URL (REMOTE_URL).
  • Minor anti-cheat and cookie processing updates plus a few others.

11/20/2012 WTS v3.0 Betta PS
  • Backlink (referrer) is reset in multiple browsers (seller will not know where the traffic is coming from).
  • Multiple incoming links on different domains are now supported.
  • Traffic uniqueness via computer ID (does not depend on IPs and cookies).
  • Flash-based anti-cheat and traffic uniqueness detection.
  • Traffic filtering by Flash ("No SE bots" replaced with "Flash Only").
  • Mobile traffic filtering (WAP, Android, Symbian etc).
  • Added advanced filters that let you apply conditions to environment variables (with regex expression support) like language, browser, link parameters, referrers, countries, cities and more.
  • Can use your custom anti-cheat code (HTML+JS) in the system traffic filtration code.
    • You can add more conditions that would mark a hit as "cheat" when these conditions are not met.
    • Second hit can now be suspended, e.g. you can buy traffic only if the visitor stays on the page for more than 5-10 seconds.
    • Ad code (teaser, banner, link, ICQ window, TopLine) can be inserted into the seller’s page so that click on the ad is required before traffic is purchased.
  • "JavaScript mode" - new traffic filtering type. A script from the system is loaded on the seller site. This can be used to insert an ad block on the seller site. When traffic is redirected, backlink (referrer) is preserved; advanced anti-cheat system including mouse movement test.
  • Buyer site moderation before selling traffic.
  • Dynamic addresses for purchased traffic can be used. The traffic is sent to a link generated using regex depending on environment variables (backlink or requested server page). This is often used to count purchased traffic that goes from galleries to tube sites.
  • Connecting the module "DF Site Monitor" for monitoring sites buyers and incoming links of system.
    • Monitoring buyer sites for availability, illegal content and viruses. Site status change can trigger notifications for users and administrator. Buyer site status changes are now logged.
    • System’s incoming links are monitored for antivirus blocking. If a link gets blocked, incoming links are modified and users get notifications.
  • DF Cheat Analyzer implemented to detect traffic quality; sellers blocked automatically when traffic quality is bad.
  • Anonymous proxy server blacklist (IPv4).
  • Blacklist of users for sites that have regular visitors. Regular visitors are blacklisted and not purchased by the system.
  • Now buyers can use several traffic sending links for each country. Between these links, the traffic can be distributed in turns or randomly. Added the traffic uniqueness policies by buyer site (visitors will not be sent to the same site twice).
  • Seller traffic can be sold to selected buyers (SALE=1&BUYER=10,12).
  • Parameters can be added to the buyer’s address when traffic is resold (SALE=1&a=y&param1=val1&param2=val2).
  • Traffic filtering by MS Internet Explorer removed (replaced with filtering by mobile devices).
  • Traffic filtering for no SE bots removed (replaced with filtering by Flash capability).
  • Russian language prompts for all system settings.
  • Usability improvements.
  • Moscow time zone fixed (after daylight savings time change was canceled in Russia, system time would be displayed incorrectly).
  • Bugfixes.


Filtering by MS Internet Explorer was changed to filtering via mobile traffic. As a result, when you update an earlier system version to the new one, there will be inaccuracies in the stats. Mobile traffic stats will display Internet Explorer hits for the time before the system was updated.

Filtering by browser is now carried out using additional filters.

07/07/2011 WTS v2.3 PS
  • For buyers, country logic is now different. Now, "Other Countries (OTR)" include only countries that cannot be selected separately. In previous versions, "Other Countries (OTR)" meant all countries that did not have an address for sending traffic, including countries for which this address could actually be set.
  • Anti-cheat system improvements (skipping cookie errors in Trident and Apple WebKit browsers).
  • Multi-domain support improved (no more need to use cron to use incoming links from multiple domains).
  • Minor improvements in statistics, localization as well as a few other aspects.

06/23/2010 WTS v2.22 PS
  • All system interfaces are multi-language. User chooses language (English/Russian) when logging in to the system.
  • Two new policies used for defining the uniqueness of traffic: related to traffic within one category, related to a user’s traffic type (uniqueness for link).
  • A separate policy of calculating hit uniqueness can be set for each user.
  • There are several ways to define traffic uniqueness: by IP, by cookie or both combined.
  • Affiliate program aimed at attracting new users (a partner gets a percentage of referred users' earnings).
  • Black list of sites. Informing administrator in case a user offers traffic from blacklisted sites.
  • Mass payouts into WebMoney payment system accounts.
  • Payout log with an integrated feature allowing returning money into the account (MoneyBack).
  • Filtration of traffic by language of the browser and by linking pages (the pages that the traffic comes from).
  • The system offers traffic type search and mass edit features to the administrator.
  • Bugfixes and minor additions.

07/19/2009 WTS v1.24 PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

05/27/2009 WTS v1.23 PS


11/25/2005 WTS v1.20 PS
  • Detailed administrative statistics for categories for the bought traffic. It can be disabled for economy of a disk space.
  • In administrative zone the tooltips of listed sellers contains category name instead of its number.
  • The opportunity to limit amount of the shown countries at addition of the new filter of the traffic for the buyer has appeared.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

10/30/2005 WTS v1.11 PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

10/24/2005 WTS v1.11 PS
  • Administrative statistics for the sold traffic:
    • by the countries
    • by referrers
  • Log of money charges to accounts of traffic buyers.
  • Post features of system are improved:
    • sending the letter to administrator at registration of the new seller or the buyer, can be disabled;
    • sending the message to the seller and the buyer after registration, can be disabled;
    • sending the message to the buyer at updating the money account, can be disabled;
    • sending the message to the buyer at the termination of money on the account, can be disabled.
  • Bugfixes.

04/20/2005 WTS v1.04 PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

03/23/2005 WTS v1.02 PS
  • documentation amount increased
  • Bugfixes and minor additions.

03/03/2005 WTS v1.01 P
  • Additional parameters are transferred from the entry link to the exit link (through QUERY_STRING).
  • Bugfixes and minor additions.

02/07/2005 WTS v1.00b PS
  • Hourly traffic statistics, for both the administrator and sellers.
  • Default traffic filters (by types of purchased traffic).
  • The seller can choose a traffic filter (traffic types) among the administrator-predefined types.
  • Traffic can be sold on credit.
  • Disabling referrer statistics for buyers.
  • Third-party scripts may be used to transfer money to the buyer's account.
  • Traffic buyers and sellers can create accounts by themselves.
  • Administrator interface for mailing buyers and sellers was added.
  • Mailing form for messaging the administrator added for sellers.
  • User interfaces were reworked and improved.
  • Several fixes introduced.

12/29/2004 WTS v0.99.109b PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

11/22/2004 WTS v0.99.106 P

Bugfixes and minor additions.

10/14/2004 WTS v0.99.098 P
  • Filters for purchased traffic. Distributing traffic into groups: by countries and properties (Uniq, Proxy, Cheat, SE Bots, Referrer, JavaScript , Cookie, Java, IE, Connection Type: lan/modem/unknown/All).
  • Improved anti-cheat protection.
  • Detailed statistics on every used traffic parameters, filters, separate countries and cheat methods was introduced.
  • Rare traffic filtering from frames was introduced.
  • Some bugfixes.

08/05/2004 WTS v0.98 P
  • Detailed subdivision of purchased traffic (more than 10 parameters).
  • Advanced anti-cheat system introduced, statistics for cheat and lost hits implemented.
  • Detailed cheat log.
  • Several types of filtering the purchased traffic.

06/27/2004 WTS v0.97.054 PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

06/22/2004 WTS v0.97 PS
  • Member zone for traffic buyers introduced.
  • Referrer statistics added for sellers and buyers.

06/12/2004 WTS v0.96 PS
  • Traffic subdivision into categories implemented.
  • Referrer statistics on every seller and buyer added for the administrator.
  • Ability to block a seller's account added.

06/08/2004 WTS v0.95 PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

06/04/2004 WTS v0.94 PS

Statistics for buyers introduced.

05/27/2004 WTS v0.93 PS
  • Force periods for distributing traffic were added.
  • Several bugfixes.

05/18/2004 WTS v0.92 PS

Bugfixes and minor additions.

05/17/2004 WTS v0.91 PS
  • Adding and editing traffic sellers introduced.
  • Switching between two administrator zones for buying and selling traffic.
  • Several bugfixes.

05/05/2004 WTS v0.90 P

Ability to use server GeoIP base (mod_geoip) added.

05/02/2004 WTS v0.8 P
  • Member zone for traffic sellers added.
  • System time zone option introduced.

04/29/2004 WTS v0.7 P
  • Several types of statistics for sellers (daily, for the last 7/30 days, monthly).
  • If a seller did not specify where the non-purchased traffic should be returned, the traffic goes to the Return Url of noref account.
  • Main menu changes (balance column added to the lower table).
  • Several bugfixes.

04/27/2004 WTS v0.6 P
  • The system can buy traffic from 20 countries.
  • The system can return non-unique traffic and proxy traffic.
  • Administrator interface available.
  • Administrator can create seller accounts.
  • Statistics for every seller.
  • Countries detected by system internal GeoIP database.
  • Interface for import databases of popular suppliers into the GeoIP database added.
  • Interface for changing the administrator password added.
  • Error log available.