Changes list DF™ Site Monitor

Version 2.0x
  • Search by masks. Masks enable you to analyze the HTML code in a deeper way.
  • Multithreaded check of sites from several groups (earlier, sites only one group were simultaneously checked).
  • Working with tasks. Checking the sites of a group once, generating a report and automated group deletion.
  • Opportunity to carry out the report on a status of sites of group, after check of all sites of group.

Version 1.5x
  • Division of system into models is made. Models differ with functionality and the price.
  • Added truncation of page parameters (QUERY_STRING) when checking of sites.
  • Improvements the interfaces of system:
    • highlight of URL and groups depending on their status;
    • URL sorting.
  • Amount of the documentation increased (more Help).

Version 1.4x

Added function of changing administrative password.

Version 1.3x

Increased reliability of checking "freezing sites" due to increasing the check frequency when site status changes to unavailable.

Version 1.2x

Built-in scheduler introduced for running the checking module. It enables the system to work without cron usage.

Version 1.1x
  • Parallel scanning of sites. Multithreaded site checking;
  • Detecting redirects. Visiting the site where the redirect leads for checking it. Used when checking for certain content;
  • Scanning sites queued for checking.
  • More detailed information on site checking introduced:
    • time of site checking shown;
    • checking log contains information about site content found;
    • actual frequency of site group checking introduced as a parameter.
  • Suspending site checking for a specified group introduced.