Changes list of DF™ Google PR and Alexa Traffic Rank Checker (WinGUI)

24.06.2012 Version 4.2
  • Possibility to use sockets (for speed) or Curl-library (for operation with all types of a proxy) on a choice.
  • Possibility to use socks-proxy (in Curl-mode).
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

07.10.2011 Version 4.1
  • Change of URL for requests to Google for PageRank determination.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

16.01.2011 Version 4.0
  • Updated interfaces and optimization of software's basic algorithms.
  • New feature allowing the user to limit the speed of checking from one IP/proxy, which prevents blocking by Google or
  • New feature allowing the user to save the results in CSV-files and set custom field separation symbol.
  • New settings added:
    • adjustable pause time before repeated use of blocked IP/proxy;
    • adjustable maximum time for checking a list of sites.
  • Updated Alexa Traffic Rank definition algorithm using
  • Dialogue for check of new versions of the program is added.
  • The application can now be minimized into the system tray (the tray icon is animated during the check, a pop-up is shown in tray when the check is over).
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

04.10.2010 Version 3.1b
  • Software has been updated for use of proxy servers requiring authorization (proxies with passwords).
  • Bugfixes.

23.03.2009 Version 3.0b
  • New feature allowing the user to load the list of proxy servers from a file and to update it after specified time intervals.
  • Software's basic algorithms updated.
  • Log of system events added.
  • Bugfixes.

17.09.2008 Version 2.11
  • Trial version released.

25.03.2008 Version 2.1
  • An additional XML-based Alexa Traffic Rank definition method with higher operation speed included.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

06.06.2007 Version 2.0
  • New feature allowing the user to define PageRank showings based on data from several data centers:
    • calculation of maximum, minimum and average PageRank showing;
    • display of all PageRank showings by chosen data centers.
  • Advanced PageRank definition mode added — defines PageRank showings at sites with "grey" Google toolbars (the toolbars that don't display the PageRank showing).
  • New feature allowing the use of proxy servers in order to avoid IP blocking and to increase productivity levels.
  • New feature allowing the user to save results in different files depending on their PageRank showings (1pr.txt, 2pr.txt, 3pr.txt, ..).
  • New feature allowing the user to choose PageRank definition — for domain or for a site page.
  • Operation optimized — the software deletes repeating Web addresses before launching the process of defining PageRank/Alexa.
  • New setting allowing the user to set custom maximum time of waiting for server response when connecting to Google and Alexa servers.
  • Bugfixes.

17.04.2007 Version 1.7
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

22.03.2007 Version 1.6
  • Updated Alexa Traffic Rank definition algorithm (due to changes at
  • Bugfixes.

08.02.2007 Version 1.5
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

17.10.2006 Version 1.4
  • New feature allowing the user to sort results by Google PR or by Alexa Traffic Rank added.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

18.09.2006 Version 1.3
  • Launching of the project!
  • Launching of WinGUI interface.
  • Adaptation of the code in the server version of the software.