Changes list of DF™ Cheat Analyzer

30.07.2010 Version 2.15
  • The feature allowing analysis of traffic at several sites located at one and the same server.
  • The feature allowing the use of internal or server scheduler (cron) for rotation of statistics.
  • Increased system productivity:
    • use of buffers in the process of reading databases;
    • the use of multithreaded calculation in the process of calculating statistics.
  • Improved administration interfaces:
    • stats loading speed is increased due to JS implementation;
    • the line at which the mouse cursor is pointed gets highlighted;
    • deactivation of click statistics in cases when click analysis is not used.
  • Bugfixes.

23.03.2009 Version 2.03 Alfa
  • Clicks analysis: calculation of the total number of clicks, exposure of quick clicks, calculation of traffic productivity.
  • The feature allowing grouping of traders and showing statistics by group.
  • The feature allowing deletion of traders from all of the system's databases.
  • Bugfixes.

05.12.2008 Version 1.42

Bugfixes (problems with parametre passing from QUERY_STRING to a script cacount.cgi at function usage "virtual ();" in PHP).

02.06.2008 Version 1.41


06.04.2008 Version 1.4
  • Add possibility to turn off use of ActiveX.
  • Bugfixes.

14.03.2008 Version 1.3
  • Added the calculation of hit uniqueness by computer ID.
  • Scanning not anonymous proxy servers is made (search of duplicates real IP).
  • In statistics monthly uniqueness of hits is added (by IP/Cookie/computer ID).
  • Improvement of detecting traffic cheats (AOL-surfers are will not be counted as a proxy, etc).
  • Bugfixes, critical corrections.

30.01.2008 Version 1.2
  • Displaying statistics in real time.
  • Statistics by day (today, a specified number of days).
  • System time setting (time zone).
  • Evaluation of deflection from stated traffic parameter indices: hits with Internet Explorer 5+ browser and hits with different types of network connection (modem/lan).
  • Corrections and patches:
    • meta coding macro was added into the system interface template; (<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251">);
    • domains with www. and without it are regarded as same during the process of determining traders by domain;
    • other corrections.

05.12.2007 Version 1.1
  • New feature allowing you to create users (moderators) in order to view stats was added.
  • Corrections in the process of calculation of stats. The calculation of traffic quality index was changed.
  • New documentation and system setup recommendations were added.
  • System models depending on traffic were introduced.
  • Bugfixes and small improvements.

21.11.2007 Version 1.0b
  • Start project!
  • Beta-testing of system is started.