Changes list DF™ Perl Informer

05/26/2020 Version 1.9x
  • Showing C/C++ libraries installed on the server (ls -l /usr/lib/* и ls -l /usr/local/lib/*).
  • Interface changes:
    • The crypt information indicates the cryptographic algorithm used (Standard DES/MD5/Blowfish).
    • Document Root path moved to section in System Path.
    • The "Perl Modules" section has been removed. To display the modules now use the link next to the version of Perl.
    • IPC information is displayed at once and moved to a separate section.
    • Made scrolling when displaying information about processors (there are too many processors to show all at once).
    • Highlighting the REMOTE_ADDR value in Environments if the variable does not contain a real IP.
  • User/Browser Information:
    • Fixed the definition of the user's IP, previously on sites with Cloudflare, IP was determined incorrectly.
    • Proxy check. Showing the user's IP sitting under a non-anonymous proxy.
    • HostName is shown for the user's IP and proxy.
    • Showing the country if mod_geo is installed on the server.
    • Checks whether JavaScript is enabled in the browser.
    • Added the definition of modern browsers and OS by the User Agent string.
  • Fixing errors:
    • The detection of the bitness of Windows 32/64 was fixed (it showed earlier the OS of compiling perl).
    • The OS in FreeBSD 64 was incorrectly detected.
    • Fixed an error in calculating the average server load in linux.
    • Fixes when counting a busy place on a disk by busting files.

07/22/2015 Version 1.8x
  • Added the ability to set a network password (Htpassword Generator).
  • The time for calculating the site's disk space is limited (with a large number of files, the script hung at startup).

06/08/2014 Version 1.7x
  • Added a command line (web-shell).
  • Password change through the script interface.

04/14/2013 Version 1.6x
  • Display IPC information in Unix (Shared Memory Segments, Semaphore Arrays, Message Queues).

11/24/2011 Version 1.5x
  • Operating system bit output (32/64 bit)
  • Display system information in Windows (systeminfo).

03/29/2011 Version 1.4x
  • View required C/C++ libraries to cgi files in the current directory (ldd ./*.cgi).
  • Output of the PHP version and output of PHP environment variables (phpinfo).
  • Added information about CPU usage (Load Average).

03/23/2009 Version 1.3x
  • Displays the current official version in the script.
  • Added paths to PHP, Curl.
  • Improved OS detection on Unix.

11/04/2003 Version 1.2x
  • Code reduction. Output tables through functions.

06/10/2003 Version 1.1x
  • Minor bug fixes.

03/28/2003 Version 1.0x
  • The start of the project!