Changes list of DF™ TopList

Версия 3.0x
  • Function allowing users to use up to three outgoing links with traffic getting distributed among them at random or in turn with uniqueness being taken into account.
  • Function allowing hiding the member’s site that the visitor comes from in the rating.
  • AntiSpam test during user registration and when sending messages from “Feedback” page (CAPTCHA).
  • Russian and English language interfaces of toplist administration with quick language switch function.
  • Function allowing the translation of all toplist interfaces into different languages and switching between them.

Version 2.97
  • Unlimited number of data fields:
    • Fields for storage of any member's information;
    • Fields for message of site visitors.
  • Multilingual members templates support.
  • Confirmation letters to the message sender (to the site visitor).
  • Spam filter of incoming messages.
  • Opportunity of restriction of symbols quantity of site description at displaying in the list.
  • New functions of the black list
    • Multiple adding of members to the black list through comma;
    • Case insensitive determination of words from the black list.
  • Support of the payments reception and members management module:
    • Automatic reception of electronic money (PayPal) for payment of participation in the rating;
    • Unlimited support of various tariff plans;
    • Automatic blocking of unpaid member in the toplist and automatic unblocking them at reception of payments;
    • Post notices at each operation and before blocking;
    • Test period after members registration is available;
    • The detailed information about all transactions and their actual status;
    • Payment form integration into the user interface of the member;
    • An opportunity of the payment delay request for members.

Version 2.8x
  • The traffic statistics by categories in statistics of the toplist administrator is added.
  • Interfaces for connection of the new DF Toplist MultiAdmin module intended for administration of multiple toplist scripts are made.
  • Added the function of rejecting an member's account and adding the information from account's fields in the black list" (Reject + Add to Blacklist).
  • The opportunity of truncating page parameters (QUERY_STRING) when monitoring members' sites. This option is used for exclusion of counting bot's hits as real surfers' by third party systems.
  • Administration interfaces improvements:
    • a choice of the maximal number of the countries in countries statistics listing;
    • a choice of the maximal number of links in referring links statistics;
    • editing of several members' accounts while approving by the administrator of the new and edited accounts;
    • addition of an information in "black list" from several accounts of members. The function is accessible from the main menu.

Version 2.7x
  • Added possibility not to count Hits In of SE bots.
  • Submitted banner maximum picture size and file size control.
  • Toplist administration interface is improved:
    • the members' sorting by productivity is added;
    • listing of the blocked and protected from editing accounts;
    • the sorting of messages in mailbox by time is added;
    • in the notice to the administrator about editing of an account the data before editing are also sent.
  • Other changes:
    • an opportunity of sending of messages to members by category from the toplist rating page.
  • Interfaces for applying of DF Site Monitor module for monitoring members' sites:
    • tracking accessibility and the site content;
    • an opportunity of the automatic block of inaccessible sites and sites containing content forbidden by the administrator;
    • an opportunity of informing the member by e-mail about lock or inaccessibility of his site.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 2.6x
  • The countries statistics for toplist members.
  • Interfaces for connection of the new module of edition of multiple accounts (Toplist MultiMembers).

Version 2.5x
  • Administration interfaces improved:
    • editing of multiple user accounts;
    • registering a new user from the administrator interface added (with specified ID as well);
    • more convenient user interfaces introduced;
  • Improvements in the country statistics:
    • users sending maximum traffic per country are shown;
  • Referrer link statistics added for every user.
  • Traffic quality (cheating) statistics added for every user.
  • Traffic redirection improved:
    • new type of traffic redirect introduced to increase search engine visibility.
  • Updating the IP blacklist from a file through command line added:
    • now you can add an IP to the list or remove an IP or rewrite the IP list completely with a list from a text file.
    • calling an IP list modernization now is made via command line which allows using cron and connecting to services providing anonymous proxy lists.

! For updating the converter of settings is required: FreeBSD | Linux

Version 2.4x
  • Anti-cheat protection improved:
    • hidden link;
    • "random formula" mechanism;
    • cheat log now displayed for each user.
  • Automatic blocking of users who try to cheat the toplist:
    • specifying a number of parameters for automatic blocking;
    • automatic unblocking a member after the traffic is improved.
    • blocking log file is kept.
  • Decreasing the number of IN-s of members depending on traffic quality and toplist cheating:
    • a big number of adjustable parameters of traffic quality;
    • adjustable speed of IN-s number decreasing.
  • Mailing capabilities improved:
    • mailing all the users from the rating page;
    • editable templates for "mailform" and "message sent";
    • mail sending error log.

Version 2.3x
  • Ability to skip visits without referrers introduced.
  • Statistics changes:
    • clicks stats introduced;
    • traffic productivity (Prod) introduced;
    • proxy statistics moved to the toplist cheating statistics.

Version 2.2x
  • Graphic country stats added for the administrator:
    • statistics generated basing on GeoIP database;
    • server GeoIP database (mod_geoip) or internal GeoIP database can be used;
    • GeoIP databases of third parties may be imported into the internal system GeoIP database
  • Documentation amount increased in Russian and English;

Version 2.1x
  • A second method of toplist design customization added, with extended capabilities:
    • internal editor of the rating page introduced, with preview of the edited page;
    • a site list on a single page can be divided into several tables with different parameters (cell number, colors, fonts etc);
    • the table cells have adjustable parameters, the fonts in the site description can depend on the site position in the list;
    • sites can be displayed horizontally (several in a row), vertically (classic view), and in a combined view;
    • built-in toplist design samples;
  • A second method of toplist design customization added, with extended capabilities:
  • Site search mechanism improved in the toplist:
    • search is made by words in the title or description of the site, by the site's address and other account information. When the search includes several words the input string is subdivided into words with separate search per each word;
    • capability to choose account fields to search in introduced. Searching by the contents of some account fields

Version 2.0x
  • Working in Reset/No reset mode, i.e. with nulling the topllist in specified time or without it - list stats displayed for the specified period;
  • Toplist restoration utility, automatic restoration of the user's databases, restoration of deleted catalogs. Moving of the toplist to another server is simplified.
  • Backup copy files may be downloaded from the web. This is a critical function when a backup copy cannot be downloaded through FTP;
  • Showing a user's banner in the list may be disabled;
  • Administrator approve may be necessary for changing the user information. If a toplist user changed the account information (description, site title, banner, exit link), old information will be displayed until the administrator approves the changes.
  • Several ratings (categories) can be created in a single script;
  • Pages with detailed information on every toplist member can be displayed.