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Return=0 (OK)

cp [-fHip] sourcefile targetfile
cp [-fHip] sourcefile... targetdirectory
cp -r|-R [-fHip] sourcedirectory... targetdirectory
Copying a file to another file
Copying file(s) to a directory
Copying a directory to a directory (-r or -R must be used)
mv [-fi] oldname newname
mv [-fi] file ./dir/
Rename files
Move files
rm [-rRf] fileRemove files or directories
ls [-CFRacdilqrtu1][-H | -L ][-fgmnopsx][file...]List contents of directory
df [-a] [-i] [-t type] [filesystem...] [filename...]Display free disk space
find [-H] [-L] [-P] [path...] [expression]
find /home -name '*.cgi'
find /etc -mtime -10
Find files
Search all the cgi in the home directory
Search files changed in the last 10 minutes
top -hv | -bcHisS -d delay -n iterations -p pid [, pid ...]Display tasks
ps [-aA][-defl][-G grouplist][-o format]...[-p proclist][-t termlist][-U userlist][-g grouplist][-n namelist][-u userlist]
ps uxw -U user
Report process status
kill [ -s signal | -p ] [ -a ] [ -- ] pid ...
kill -9 pid
Terminate or signal a process
killall -9 script.cgiKill processes by name
ipcs [ -asmq ] [ -tclup ]Provide information on ipc facilities
ipcrm [ -M key | -m id | -Q key | -q id | -S key | -s id ] ...
ipcrm -M shmkey
ipcrm -S semkey
Remove a message queue, semaphore set or shared memory id
Remove shared memory segments
Remove semaphore arrays
mkdir [-pv ] [-m mode ] directory_name ...Make directories (mode - 'rwxrwxrwx')
rmdir [-p] dir... Remove directories
tar -cf data.tar ./data/*Pack tar
tar -xf ./data.tar
tar -xf ./data.tar --directory ./data
Unpack tar
Unpack tar to directory "data"
gzip -9 ./data.tarPack gzip
gzip -d ./data.tar.gzUnpack gzip
ktrace, truss, strace, gdb ./script.cgiProcess tracing
chmod -R 0777 ./*Change file access permissions
chown [-fhR] owner[:group] file...Change file ownership
ktrace, truss, strace, gdb ./script.cgiProcess tracing

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